Welcome to Clarifi, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union’s financial partner!

At Clarifi, we’re experts at helping people stay on track for a lifetime of healthy money habits—what we call financial wellness.  Let’s make sure your financial life is on a healthy track in every aspect. If you don’t have a handle on your income or a plan for a secure future, your financial health is at risk.  So let’s make sure you’re in great shape to help you handle any financial challenge you may encounter.  

You may have questions about credit scores, mortgages, how to afford the high cost of tuition, or even how to pay for your child’s wedding one day. Maybe you are deeply in debt, on the verge of losing your home, or just want a gut check on your spending.  No matter the reason, Clarifi is here to listen, advise and help you take action.  

Our mission is to create hope by helping people identify and secure the most important assets in their lives.  We do this by helping you improve your credit, reduce debt, prepare to buy a home or determine options to stay in your home and work toward any financial goal you may have.  


Meet with one of our certified counselors in-person at one of our 20 local offices or by phone.  Also take advantage of the workshops and seminars we offer.  Topics cover how to create a budget for your household, make a plan to save for rainy days and build up your credit and more.  Also check out our online financial education library with videos on issues that matter most to you. 

Let’s get started! Learn more about our services.