Debt Options Counseling

Debt Options Initial Consultation Fee: No charge for PFCU members

We know what it’s like to owe a lot of money. It’s like a dead weight on your shoulders. You can’t sleep, things get tense with your family and friends, and you’re afraid to answer the phone. When you’re in over your head, debt can really put a damper on your hopes.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get into debt. Maybe it’s because of less income, job loss, medical bills or trying to help out a family member. You might just lack the discipline of a good budget. You can do it, and we can help.

Your Clarifi Counselor knows how to get you out of debt whether it’s from credit cards or student loans. Let’s start paying down that debt so you can start paying yourself.


Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  1. Verify your sources of income
  2. Review your monthly expenses, like rent or mortgage, utilities and car or other loan payments
  3. Detail your daily spending habits, right down to your morning cup of coffee
  4. Review all of your credit card balances and terms
  5. Determine if your income covers at least your essential monthly expenses and at least some of your debt payments
  6. We’ll look at strategies for reducing your debt and create an action plan based on the option that’s best for you.

If you are eligible, you have the option to enroll into our debt management plan and make affordable monthly payments to creditors via Clarifi.


Debt Management Program Initial Enrollment Fee: $50
Debt Management Program Monthly Maintenance: $10/creditor, up to $50

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling

Member Cost: $50

Clarifi is approved by the Department of Justice to issue certificates evidencing completion of pre-filing counseling in compliance with the Federal Bankruptcy Code. 

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

    • We’ll review your income and expenses in full detail
    • Together, we’ll discuss options and consequences for bankruptcy
  • Completing this session will produce the required legal certificate required to file a petition for bankruptcy 


Student Loan Counseling

Member Cost:  $50-$100 (income based scale)   

You have worked hard to get the most out of higher education. And maybe one of the takeaways was a higher debt load than you expected. That really puts a downer on the excitement of starting a new chapter in life. At Clarifi, we’ll do our best to help and advocate for you.

There are a variety of repayment options that many folks don’t know about. These include federal repayment options that can make your monthly payment more manageable. We’ve navigated these options with thousands of borrowers and we’re ready to explore solutions with you.

Here’s what to expect at your counseling session:

  • Go over every aspect of your situation. We’ll see what federal options you might qualify for.
  • Make a long-term budget, and find a structure that covers all monthly expenses, including repayment of all federal and/or private student loans.
  • Attempt to contact private lenders and advocate for your possible repayment solutions. It’s good to have a friend in the business.