Student Loan Repayment Options
March 6, 2017
Why it Pays to Know Your Credit Score
March 6, 2017

How Credit Affects All Aspects of Our Lives

Katelyn VanBlargan, Program Management and Coaching Fellow, Clarifi
June 17, 2016–then-raise-it/2016/03/04/77752806-def6-11e5-8d98-4b3d9215ade1_story.html

Do you understand your credit score? Better yet, do you even know what score you have? Understanding credit and how your credit score can positively and negatively impact all the aspects of our lives is the key to financial freedom! Don’t let your credit score get you down! Read this interesting article on understanding credit to see how your score affects your life and what you can do that will either help or hurt your score.

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